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We all know how much we depend on IT for efficient business operations, so keeping your technology up and running is a critical function for your organisation.  Patching, back-ups, disaster recovery plans, anti-virus and data security are some of the essential parts of protecting and ensuring the smooth running of your business.  We all know how frustrating technology can be when it gets in the way, we just want our business apps to work!

A common SMB IT management strategy is to elect the person who happens to have the most IT knowledge, which can be a hit or miss exercise, others simply ignore things till they break, or the owner-operator adds another hat as IT Manager.

Here’s where Synergy Tech comes to your rescue.  We’re what is called a Managed Service Provider (MSP), who provide technical services to businesses like yours, but with a difference.  Instead of simply fixing things when they break and diagnosing issues on the fly, we become your Virtual IT Team and take co-responsibility for your network and infrastructure as if it was our own.

Leverage capacity and skills

Extend & Enable your IT Teams

At Synergy Tech co-management and collaboration is a part of our DNA.  Since our inception we have worked closely with internal IT teams, large or small, to compliment and enhance the great service they provide to the rest of the business.  To our customers with internal teams, we love that they see us an extension of their IT team, not simply another outsourced provider.

Why choose Synergy as your IT partner?

Our commitment to continual learning and thought leadership allows you to leverage emerging technologies.

We put a strong emphasis on transparency and integrity across all we do to become your trusted advisor.

We use our expertise to find the right solution to enable your business goals.

Our proactive approach and insights allow us to address potential issues before they arise.

Excellent service and continual improvement is at the heart of what we do.

Your business is our business. We take time to understand you and your organizational needs.

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About Synergy Tech

Synergy Technologies is an IT enablement organization with a strong social conscience, passionate about delivering value, and committed to excellent service.

As technology experts, Synergy Technologies has built a reputation as professionals in IT infrastructure design and implementation, as well as being a leader and innovator in the deployment and management of highly complex systems monitoring and management operations across a variety of Small, Medium & Enterprise customers throughout New Zealand and abroad.


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