As we move to Covid Level 3, businesses have a responsibility to trace the location and interaction of staff during this time. If you have staff that visit customer sites or interact with customers at their home, then it will be important for you to keep track of all these locations.

Here’s where Microsoft Business Apps platform comes into its own. If you already use Microsoft Office 365 then you can leverage these amazing tools to create your very own Staff Tracking application. Here’s an example of a rapid development and deployment solution that comprises an “Admin App” and a “Staff App” which integrates into Teams and Outlook.

Staff App

Staff can access all your Business Apps by downloading “Microsoft Power App” IOS or Android App. By using Microsoft Power App you have the flexibility of deploying any number of current or future apps directly to your staff (eg; you may want to manage HR, Leave Requests etc). If you use Teams, then simply add your Power App to your chosen channel (alternatively, you can provide a Website URL for your staff to use the app from).


Power App on IOS or
Web Browser
Power App Teams Integration


NZ Govt Updates

The NZ Govt. provides a RSS feed of daily informative updates which have been incorporated… Any RSS feed can be configured through the

Power App on IOS Power App Teams Integration

Company Updates

Important news and announcements can be “Pushed” to Power App users, notifying them in real time of any new developments.


Power App on IOS Power App Teams Integration


Make A Request

If you use Microsoft Teams – and you should – then requests are delivered into any Group / Channel. In this example, we’ve created a new Covid 19 Team to manage our obligations.


Power App on IOS Power App Teams Integration

Update Location

The update location in this example collects GPS Lat, Long location data when the user chooses “Update Location”, however where it doesn’t contravene legal and ethical agreements, you could opt to have automatic user tracking based upon distance travelled; eg, should a user travel more than 500m then you can auto update their location.


Click “Update Location” Choose your workplace Select Dates



Optionally, send Notifications to Managers Optionally, setup an email Auto-responder



Management App

As Teams are pivotal to how we work, we chose to integrate our Power App “Admin App” into our Teams channels. You could just as easily access this directly or through a web URL

Staff “Make a Request” messages are automatically delivered to Teams (or email or push notifications), giving you live interactions through voice, video or messaging



PowerBI provides amazing flexibility as well as integration into Teams, so it was an obvious choice for data reporting

Extensive reporting is available, based upon geographical location, date, time, staff member and more…


Behind the scenes.
A SharePoint Teams site was created to store the App information, New, Updates and locations lists etc.

Power Apps provided the platform for building both the Staff App and Admin App.

Power Automate(Microsoft Flow) provided all the mechanics for message delivery.

The entirety of this project was completed by utilizing community code in the Microsoft domain and was completed in under 4 hours. Utilizing modern tools and platforms for rapid code development allows us to easily achieve cost effective business solutions without the need for reinventing wheels.

If you have an automation project, repetitive or time-consuming tasks, or an idea to streamline your business then talk to the team at Synergy Tech about how we can help automate your business functions.


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