About Us

About Us

Synergy Technologies is an IT enablement organization with a strong social conscience, passionate about delivering value, and committed to excellent service.

As technology experts, Synergy Technologies has built a reputation as professionals in IT infrastructure design and implementation, as well as being a leader and innovator in the deployment and management of highly complex systems monitoring and management operations across a variety of Small, Medium & Enterprise customers throughout New Zealand and abroad.

We believe we can offer unique insights into how key IT systems operate and are managed through our experience, our continued learning, and our desire to share this knowledge with our customers.

We are a vibrant business with outstanding technical capacity and ability internally and operate a large network of vendors and experts in key areas of practice. As experienced technologists, we believe we can offer unique perspectives and will always work to ensure that exceptional outcomes are achieved.

At Synergy Technologies, we believe:

  • People First
    This is at the core of everything we do. We believe in maintaining a strong culture with our internal team, building lasting relationships with our customers, and making a positive impact in the communities where we live and operate.
  • Always Listening
    While we are full of unique perspectives and creative ideas, ultimately, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to IT. We realize that the right solution starts with listening and understanding the needs of your business first.
  • Always Learning
    As technologists in a rapidly changing industry, we understand the need for and place a large value on learning. Our organization supports and provides continual learning opportunities for our internal team and strongly promotes knowledge sharing with our customers. We believe that the best possible solutions for your organization rests on having the strongest product and industry knowledge.
  • Always with Integrity
    We believe that integrity is key to building trust and ultimately a long, lasting relationship. As such, we believe in promoting the right product and right solution for your organization, even if we are unable to deliver it directly. We see openness, visibility, and transparency across our process, procurement, and delivery of products and services as an integral part of what we do.



What our Customers Say



Synergy Tech are experts in the Microsoft System Center Space - they have provided flawless implementation and support where others had failed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Tim Lloyd

Acting Chief Digital Officer

Seeka relies on the expertise and integrity that the team at Synergy Tech provides. They are an integral part of key systems projects at Seeka and constantly deliver excellent outcomes.

Jason Swain

General Manager - Information Systems




 Synergy Tech actually listen to what our objectives are, they provide expert advice and sound business solutions. Synergy's "go the extra mile" attitude is the reason why we always achieve outstanding results no matter the size of the project. They're a fantastic company to work with.

Mark Leslie

Business Systems and Information Manager

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