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Your IT Team

We all know how much we depend on IT for efficient business operations, so keeping your technology up and running is a critical function for your organisation.  Patching, back-ups, disaster recovery plans, anti-virus and data security are some of the essential parts of protecting and ensuring the smooth running of your business.  We all know how frustrating technology can be when it gets in the way, we just want our business apps to work!

A common SMB IT management strategy is to elect the person who happens to have the most IT knowledge, which can be a hit or miss exercise, others simply ignore things till they break, or the owner-operator adds another hat as IT Manager.

Here’s where Synergy Tech comes to your rescue.  We’re what is called a Managed Service Provider (MSP), who provide technical services to businesses like yours, but with a difference.  Instead of simply fixing things when they break and diagnosing issues on the fly, we become your Virtual IT Team and take co-responsibility for your network and infrastructure as if it was our own.


No more worrying about security patching, antivirus, malware, backups and recovery, we’ll be your eyes and ears ensuring your technology is secure, reliable and worry free.

Working with you, we’ll:

  • Automate and continually monitor Antivirus and Malware
  • Ensure you have daily backups of key data, either onsite, offsite, or both as required.
  • Automate security patching across all your workstations and servers.
  • Monitor workstations and servers for key performance metrics.
  • Recommend and implement security best practices.
  • Ensure you have the best tools and technology for your business needs.
  • Work with you to develop IT Management Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, and a Technology Roadmap.
  • Provide you with monthly updates on the state of your infrastructure.
  • Meet every quarter to evaluate progress and opportunities (Quarterly Business Reviews).
  • Be there to support you when you have questions.
  • Ensure your technology just works.

What our Customers Say



Synergy Tech are experts in the Microsoft System Center Space - they have provided flawless implementation and support where others had failed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Tim Lloyd

Acting Chief Digital Officer

Seeka relies on the expertise and integrity that the team at Synergy Tech provides. They are an integral part of key systems projects at Seeka and constantly deliver excellent outcomes.

Jason Swain

General Manager - Information Systems




 Synergy Tech actually listen to what our objectives are, they provide expert advice and sound business solutions. Synergy's "go the extra mile" attitude is the reason why we always achieve outstanding results no matter the size of the project. They're a fantastic company to work with.

Mark Leslie

Business Systems and Information Manager

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