Strategic Planning

Planning for the future

Strategic Planning

Technology is part of nearly every modern business, and for businesses to thrive the interaction of technology and business need to mesh together like a well-oiled machine.  Business plans often integrate and rely on technology and technological advantages as pivotal tenants for success.

As with any plan, knowing where you are now, what advantages can be gained with technological evolution, and where we can get to in the short to mid-term can be a difficult technical task. 


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Aligning technology to your business goals and strategy…

With clear business goals, understanding what technology is available and where it aligns with your strategy will bring clarity on what technology is important for future success.

Aligning technology to your Mission and Vision…

It’s important that technology enhances your mission. Many businesses often solve individual problems without the full context of your operations.  Failing to map solutions to a wider context can result in disconnected and unreliable solutions that often prove costly.  Throwing varied solutions together can bring a plethora of problems.

With a good view of the reasons you do business, we can work with you to provide expert advice and planning.

What our Customers Say



Synergy Tech are experts in the Microsoft System Center Space - they have provided flawless implementation and support where others had failed. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Tim Lloyd

Acting Chief Digital Officer

Seeka relies on the expertise and integrity that the team at Synergy Tech provides. They are an integral part of key systems projects at Seeka and constantly deliver excellent outcomes.

Jason Swain

General Manager - Information Systems




 Synergy Tech actually listen to what our objectives are, they provide expert advice and sound business solutions. Synergy's "go the extra mile" attitude is the reason why we always achieve outstanding results no matter the size of the project. They're a fantastic company to work with.

Mark Leslie

Business Systems and Information Manager

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