Technology as an Enabler

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Technology as an Enabler

Industries from Abattoir equipment sales to Zipper manufacturers are all having to negotiate the ever-changing technological landscape.  Technology is having a profound effect on our day to day lives and creating competitive advantages, steep changes within businesses, and bringing better customer experiences with long-term sustainability to our organisations.

With all the talk about technology, phrases such as digital transformation may sound intimidating, but put simply, digital transformations simply refers to implementing and integrating technology into your business to assist and transform internal and external processes.

Transformations need to have a champion, someone driving the change, and require buy-in from the top down.  Change for some is painful, but a well-executed change plan with great communication around the benefits to users will help smooth the process.


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One of the great levelers of our time is the accessibility of massive scale computing resources.  AI is being integrated more and more into regular, everyday tasks.  Cloud services such as Office 365 are now using AI to make suggestions based upon your correspondence, suggesting meeting times, evaluating travel time and real-time traffic to suggesting leaving times, and flagging important follow up items.  Businesses of all sizes are utilising readily available AI services to help decipher the many and deep streams of data generated buy businesses and customers.

With such opportunities available, it’s natural that all types of industries will be disrupted so it’s important to continually evaluate your business model and with our help leverage technology to enable your business to ongoing and sustained success.

What our Customers Say

Seeka relies on the expertise and integrity that the team at Synergy Tech provides. They are an integral part of key systems projects at Seeka and constantly deliver excellent outcomes.

Jason Swain

General Manager - Information Systems



 Synergy Tech actually listen to what our objectives are, they provide expert advice and sound business solutions. Synergy's "go the extra mile" attitude is the reason why we always achieve outstanding results no matter the size of the project. They're a fantastic company to work with.

Mark Leslie

Business Systems and Information Manager



As one of the country’s leading Tertiary Education providers, and one of the Bay of Plenty’s largest organisations and employers, it is important that we align ourselves with partners that not only have the skillsets to support our internal IT Teams, but also ones that align to our values.

Synergy Technologies offer both, not only do they provide exceptional support to some of our key systems where their experience and in-depth knowledge is essential, their values are very much aligned to internal values.   It has been a pleasure partnering with the team at Synergy over the past several years.


Rabindra Das

Head of Information Technology, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

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