Your Cloud Strategy

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Your Cloud Strategy

With over 4 Billion Google results for “Cloud Services” you’ll find anything you need as a cloud service. From Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS), you can run everything “in the cloud”. The question is should you, and if so, what services should you leverage? Here’s where having some expertise available is invaluable as there are a few things to consider.

Data Protection

A 2019 study from S&P Global shows that nearly 75% of businesses either depend on their cloud service provider’s strategy to protect their data, or worse yet, have no protection for their data at all. The assumption from many organisations is that if it’s in the cloud, it will be protected from hacks and disasters and a robust recovery plan will be in place.  This may or may not be the case, but it doesn’t change the fact that your data is your responsibility, and if it’s critical to your organisation then you should take steps to ensure its ongoing integrity and protection.


Data Sovereignty

The question of Data Sovereignty is not discussed much in New Zealand, however it is a hot topic in Australia with many compliance requirements.  Where your data is stored, who has access, and legal jurisdiction are all important issues.  Here in NZ we have fewer laws around data sovereignty with the exception of financial records. The IRD requires that NZ companies store their financial records for seven years, within New Zealand.  With the emergence of online accounting platforms, changes to the Tax Act have allowed compliant organisations to seek exemption and store financial records off-shore.  Beware, this is a short list and many companies may find themselves in breach of financial regulations. Data Sovereignty should be considered as part of all businesses Cloud Strategy.

Data Security

Choosing a Cloud Service Provider should include how your data is stored, whether it is encrypted (at a minimum), and what certification they have achieved. Service and Organizational Controls 2 (SOC2) attestation and compliance is a good indicator that your security and privacy needs will be met.

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